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USU's Active Learning Lab brings analytics to learning

Editor’s note: This post from the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services blog mentions the work our own Nicole Forsgren Velasquez is contributing to research on learning analytics.

EEJ Ed Notes

By JoLynne Lyon

About twenty years ago, a mysterious new thing called the Information Superhighway was on the horizon. Everybody knew it was coming, and its impact on education would be huge.

Today, the field of Learning Analytics is approaching, and the discussion sounds almost as mysterious the Internet did in 1993. At a recent conference at Stanford University, participants were invited to do more than join a field—they were encouraged to help build it.

The lab is bringing the different types of researchers together, and has invited data analysis expertise from the ITLS Department and the Huntsman School of Business into the mix. Deborah Fields, Assistant Professor in the ITLS Department, is engaged in research related to 2 of the 6 research projects in the lab. She brings expertise in qualitative research, such as ethnographic methods. Nicole Forsgren Velasquez, Assistant Professor in MIS and Accounting Departments of the School of Business is engaged in research related to 4 of the 6 research projects in the lab. She adds expertise in business intelligence and learning analytics.

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