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Building addition accommodates growth

By Rachel Lewis

The Utah Statesman

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is adding a new building to help with the increase in business students. The building will be built next to the George S. Eccles Business Building as soon as the funds are acquired.

The George S. Eccles Business Building has endured the wear-and-tear of students for 38 years, so a new building is definitely needed, according to Dean Douglas D. Anderson.

George S. Eccles has been the name of the USU’s business building since it was built in 1970. Because of Eccles’ generosity, the building has become a focal point for students on USU campus.

The building is expanding to meet the needs of the growing Huntsman School. Enrollment of Huntsman business students on campus has grown from 1,141 students in the fall of 2006 to 1,415 students in the spring of 2012.  

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