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Social Media: How Tweet It Is

 Editor's Note: The author of the following article, Sterling Morris, is a recent graduate of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. Sterling led social media efforts at the school while he was an undergraduate and graduate student. The Huntsman School of Business is also mentioned on page 15 of the Magazine for offering an on-site MBA degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho. 

Biz Ed Magazine

By Sterling Morris

It's a typical Tuesday at Utah State University in Logan, where I attend the Huntsman School of Business. It's typical, at least, for an MBA student studying during the era of social media. My study routine is a clear example of how social media is transforming the act of communication. After my first class, I spend the morning in the library reading from a digital textbook and working on homework projects on my laptop. I take a quick study break—I check my e-mail, but I know I'll find the real news on my social media feeds. First, I pull up my Twitter account on my smartphone—I check for UTah State University news by checking the #AggieLife hashtag. I see a tweet from a USU student that piques my interest: "#USU JCOM professor Matt LaPlante speaking NOW (1 p.m. at the TSC auditorium!) 'Out of Iraq,' event about effects of war #aggielife #utah."

Suddenly, my plans have changed. I head over to hear the presentation sponsored by the department of journalism and communication. 

Ten minutes later, I'm checking my e-mail in the auditorium while I listen to a panel of war vets and journalists talk about their time in Iraq. I find this experience satisfying, so I tweet back to the USU student who tweeted about the event: "Thanks for the heads-up. This is interesting stuff."

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