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Scott Hammond

Scott Hammond

Clinical Professor
Departments: Management
Location:  CB 114G Roosevelt
Office Phone:  435.711.1702
Cell Phone:  801-368-4027


Ph.D., Philosophy, Organizational Communication, University of Utah, 1997

M.S., Organizational Behavior, Brigham Young University, 1987

B.A., Political Science, Brigham Young University, 1984


Scott C. Hammond, PhD is a new clinical professor of management based on the USU Roosevelt Campus. For the last ten years he has been teaching at Utah Valley University. Prior to that he taught at Brigham Young University. He is also on the executive Committee of the Western Academy of Management.

Scott C. Hammond is also an organizational development consultant and specializes in whole systems change processes in scientific, technical and medical organizations. His clients include Alticor (Amway), Monsanto, Searle, Intermountain Health Care, KSL Television (NBC), The National Parks Service, NCS Education, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Exxon, General Dynamics, Word Perfect Corporation, The Western States Commission for the Advancement of Women’s Health, The Colorado OBGYN Society, KBYU Television (PBS), General Electric, The North Monteray Unified School District and others.

He holds a masters degree in Organizational Behavior from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. from the University of Utah. He has published numerous articles on organizational change, leadership and dialogic problem solving. He is currently writing on paradigm change and ideological conflict in culturally complex organizations. This includes applying lost person behavior psychology to organizations. As the author of Lessons of the Lost: Finding Yourself in Work, Life and Wilderness, Hammond is a regular guest in talk radio stations nationwide.

In addition to his professional work, Scott is a volunteer search and rescue worker with Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs and a member of the National Search and Rescue.

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Research Areas

Complex problem solving processes; lost person behavior; cross cultural management

Name Title Phone Location Email
Albrecht, Chad Associate Professor of Management & Associate Academic Director of the MBA Program (435) 797-2365 Business 416
Alder, Suzette Business Assistant II 435.797.1789 Business 415
Allen, Daniel Senior Lecturer 435.613.5245 UMC 5035
Allred, Scott Lecturer 435.919.1281 UMC 5035
Anderson, Douglas D. Dean & Professor of Management 435.797.2376 Business 511
Arrington, Christine Senior Lecture 435.797.2338 Business 306A
Bartkus, Ken Professor 435.797.3891 Business 302A
Benson, Brad Executive-In-Residence 435.797.6647 Business 502
Bone, Sterling Associate Professor 435.797.9631 Business 302B
Brocato, Deanne Assistant Professor 435.797.7388 Business 306A
Brough, Aaron R. Assistant Professor 435.797.1658 Business 302
Brown-Bankhead, Lindi MBA Program Coordinator & Advisor 435.797.2360 Business 108
Callister, Ronda R. Professor of Management 435.797.1905 Business 408
Champlin, Natalee Administrator of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship 435.797.1107 Business 309M
Cook, Alison Associate Professor 435.797.7654 Business 404
Davis, James Department Head, Faculty Chair and Director of the MBA Program, and Professor 435.797.3882 Business 411
Ferguson, John Lead Faculty Fellow, Senior Lecturer 435.797.0997 Business 702
Ferguson, Merideth Associate Professor 435.797.3982 Business 410
Gardner, Tim Associate Professor 435.797.3037 Business 405
Gibson , Cynthia Lecturer in Business Management, Box Elder County Economic Development Liaison 435.919.1306 UMC 5035
Glauser, Michael Clinical Professor of Management, Executive Director of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship 435.797.8215 Business 309M
Hammond, Scott Clinical Professor 435.711.1702 CB 114G Roosevelt
Hanks, Steven Associate Professor and Director of Distance Education, Accreditation and Assessment 435.797.2373 Business 414
Herrmann, David Executive-In-Residence 435.797.2287 Business 402
Hinckley, Martin Adjunct Professor 435.734.9584
Holland, Daniel Associate Professor, Huntsman Scholar Lead Faculty Fellow 435.797.3132 Business 418
Kannan, Vijay Executive Director of International Programs, Professor 435.797.7212 Business 412
Lee, Konrad Associate Professor 435.797.5090 Business 406
Leftwich, Steve MBA Career Program Manager 435.797.8916 Business 310
Li, Kunpeng Assistant Professor 435.797.7386 Business 419
McConkie, Katherine Associate MBA Director & Advisor 435.797.1773 Business 108
McEvoy, Glenn Professor 435.797.2375 Business 403
Olson, Jacob Adjunct Faculty 435-512-8141
Pond, Julie Program Coordinator 435.797.9063 Business 101
Ray, Kristal R. Assistant Professor 435.283.7650 Ephraim Campus - HiTec 142
Robins, Dawsey Staff Assistant MBA: 435.797.3624 / Management: 435.797.4062 MBA: BUS 108 / Management: BUS 415
Schulz, Eric Senior Lecturer 435.797.8216 Business 308
Snyder, Ken Executive Dean and Chief Administrative Officer 435.797.1387 Business 507
Sparrow, Brayden Entrepreneur in Residence 435.797.1107 BUS 309
Stafford, Edwin Professor 435.797.3890 Business 304
Thue, Matthew Adjunct Faculty 909-348-7269
Warnick, Alan Associate Department Head, Principal Lecturer 435.797.2301 Business 407
Washburn, Nathan Associate Professor of Management 480.246.2084 Business 420
Winn, Brad Clinical Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership and Strategy Director, MHR Executive Program & Associate Director, Professional MBA 435.851.2002 Granite School District (SLGRSD) 504