Asia Summer Program


Application Deadline: December 4, 2015

Program Dates

On-campus: May 9-27, 2016
Travel period: May 29- June 20, 2016


China dominates global headlines and captures the imagination with its transformation from a centrally-planned economy to a market-based economy. A dynamic emerging market, Thailand has become a firmly established newly industrialized country with an economy that relies heavily on exports. According to Goldman Sachs, Vietnam will be the world’s 21st largest economy by 2025. Gain insight and understanding of Asia’s economic opportunities and challenges as you meet with business and government leaders from across the continent.

Matthew Kramuble

“My experiences in this program were nothing short of a life adventure which did so much to teach me about myself as well as the world. I had the opportunity to sharpen my skills, broaden my perspective, and even expand my knowledge. In addition, I gained new friendships and memories along the way. I would highly recommend this once in a lifetime opportunity to anyone.”

                                    - Cami Bay



Program Details

Program Objectives

  • Students with Chinese Primary School ChildrenDevelop global awareness through visits to businesses, government offices, international organizations, and significant cultural sites
  • Learn about specific companies, including a deep?dive into the organizational mission, strategies, business practices, and product lines
  • Gain insight into opportunities in the global marketplace and learn how organizational leaders keep their organizations competitive in a constantly changing environment
  • Challenge students to think more broadly about how they will add value in the organizations where they will work

General Information

Program Requirements

  • Good academic standing
  • Minimum GPA of 2.67
  • Submission of a complete application
  • Interview with summer program leader (to be scheduled once application is submitted)
  • Mandatory enrollment during Spring Semester in BUS 2000: Foundations of International Programs (section 003, CRN 10568)
    • Fridays 12:30-14:20 BUS 318

Available Courses (pre-requisites must be completed prior to enrollment)

Huntsman Students in front of Chinese buildingStudents may choose to take one or all of the following courses; a minimum of 0.5 credits (BUS 2000) is required for program participation. Students must work directly with their academic advisor for authorization to take any of the courses listed below during the program. Please note that all pre-requisites must be completed by the end of spring semester.

BUS 2000: Foundations for Global Learning Experiences (0.5 cr)
MGT 3500: Fundamentals of Marketing (3 cr)

  • Pre-requisites: admittance to a USU major; cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher; and completion of at least 40 credits

MGT 3700: Operations Management (2 cr)

  • Pre-requisites: admittance to a USU major; cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher; and completion of at least 40 credits, STATS 2300 (or equivalent if non-business major) 

MGT 3800: Leadership (2 cr)

  • Pre-requisites: admittance to a USU major; cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher; and completion of at least 40 credits

Program Cost

Students Eating a meal
Program costs are the total of the program fee and the cost of tuition.

What will my costs be?
USU Summer 2016 tuition rates will be available in spring 2016. Tuition scholarships will also be available to qualified students. It is anticipated that the total cost, including tuition and tuition scholarships, will range from $4,350 – 4,950 (0.5-7.5 credits).

What do the program costs cover?

  • What is included: tuition (0.5-7.5 credits), in-country program travel (air, train, bus, taxi), hotel with daily breakfast, program visits, excursions, medical/evacuation insurance, tips, portages, taxes, Huntsman School polo shirt, program field guide, and all study abroad fees
  • What is not included: roundtrip airfare* (for example, SLC to first program city; last program city to SLC), transportation to/from SLC airport, textbooks, cost of passports and any required visas, immunizations, housing and meals during on-campus period in May, daily lunch and dinner, and any personal expenses such as laundry, internet, souvenirs, etc.
  • *Students will purchase their own roundtrip airfare. The best option is to purchase a multi-city ticket through a reputable source such as,,, (a student website), or airline website. By purchasing their own tickets, students have greater flexibility to travel after the program if that is of interest. If any student requires assistance or has questions about buying a ticket, he/she should contact Liz Allred at and she can assist with the purchase.


Summer Program Application

Application Deadline:

December 4, 2015

Application Requirements:

A complete application consists of all of the following items:

Online Application Includes:

(Application will include the following that should be gathered/prepared prior to beginning your application)

  1. Names and email addresses of two (2) academic references (You should request and notify your references in advance and let them know they will receive a link to an online form to complete the recommendation.)
  2. Personal Statement: Minimum 250 word statement of why you should be considered for the program.
  3. Copy of unofficial transcript (Accessible from Access/Banner – either save a copy as a PDF file and attach to your online application or print a copy and turn that into Liz Allred in BUS 309 (FJ Center))
  4. Color copy of current passport (Attach a color PDF to the online application or give a hard copy to Liz Allred in BUS 309 (FJ Center).)

Hard Copy Documentation

The general application for the summer programs is online. However, the application is not complete until you provide a hard copy of the following completed documents to Liz Allred in BUS 309 (FJ Center).

  1. Meet with your academic advisor and have them complete and sign the “Study Abroad Course Advisor Form”.
  2. Receipt for $200 deposit. You need to pay this in the Registrars Office. When you pay the deposit ask for a copy of the receipt for your records and then please turn in the original stamped receipt.  (The program deposit will be applied to the total amount of the program.)
  3. International students must turn in a hard copy of current US visa and I-20.


In addition to the submitted application, each applicant must have an interview with a Global Learning Experiences program leader. We will schedule this interview once the application is complete.

Begin Application

Begin Your Application

Travel Schedule

Schedule (Subject to Change):

Sunday, 29 May – fly to Hanoi
Monday, 30 May – arrive Hanoi, transfer to hotel
Tuesday, 31 May – business visits
Wednesday, 1 June – business visits
Thursday, 2 June – business visit and day in the life project
Friday, 3 June – AM: city tour, PM: free time
Saturday, 4 June – fly to Chang Mai
Sunday, 5 June – excursion
Monday, 6 June – business visits
Tuesday, 7 June – business visits
Wednesday, 8 June – fly to Bangkok
Thursday, 9 June – business visits, alumni dinner
Friday, 10 June – business visits
Saturday, 11 June – day in the life project and free time
Sunday, 12 June – fly to Guilin
Monday, 13 June – business visits
Tuesday, 14 June – business visits
Wednesday, 15 June – excursion
Thursday, 16 June – day in the life project and train to Guangzhou
Friday, 17 June – business visits
Saturday, 18 June – day in the life project and free time
Sunday, 19 June – transfer to Hong Kong
Monday, 20 June – fly to SLC or other destinations


  • Students will share a twin room with the rare exception in some cases share a triple room.
  • Hotels will be either three or four star.

Travel Preparation/Documentations

Visa Requirements

  • US citizens must have a visa to enter Vietnam and China. Thailand does not require a visa of US citizens. International student requirements vary and may require travel to Los Angeles or another city to obtain a visa prior to departure. All costs associated with obtaining a visa are the responsibility of the student.
  • The Office of Global Enrichment will assist all students in obtaining required visas. 


Program Leaders:

Kunpeng Li

Zsolt Ugray, Faculty Leader

Location: BUS 716
Office Phone: 435.797.8132




Kunpeng Li

Kunpeng Li, Faculty Mentor

Location: BUS 419
Office Phone: 435.797.7386

for more information, contact:

Liz Allred, Program  Director for Global Enrichment 

Location: Business 309 (FJ Center)
Office Phone: 435.797.7621