Summer Programs

Developing a global mindset is critical to succeeding in a world that no longer stops at borders. Whether your career takes you to the far off corners of the world or keeps you on Main Street USA, gaining an understanding of the global marketplace can help set you apart.

Participating in a summer program allows you to learn first-hand about what awaits you as a business professional. You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with business leaders in Asia or South America. You can also experience the local culture as you bargain in street markets, eat the native cuisine, and visit iconic cultural sights.

All summer programs share an on-campus classroom experience during the month of May. Then, during June, students take off to their program destination accompanied by their faculty leaders and choose to participate in one of the programs listed below.

  • Asia – Thailand, Vietnam and China
  • South America – Chile, Peru (includes participation in the SEED program)

The Huntsman School of Business reserves the right to cancel or change any program due to extenuating circumstances, including not meeting the required minimum number of students.