MHR Course Descriptions

MHR Curriculum

MGT 6550: Talent Acquisition and Retention (3)

Focuses on creation of competitive advantage through strategic human resources planning and staffing. Topics include job analysis, recruitment, assessment and placement. Also covers pertinent laws/regulations and applicable descriptive/inferential statistics.

MGT 6620: Training and Organization Development (3)

Provides advanced treatment of employees, management and organizational development. Specific topics include: historical background, needs assessment, program design and implementation, outcomes evaluation and how individuals and organizations change.

MGT 6630: Total Rewards and Employee Performance (3)

Strategic analysis and design of compensation, benefits and performance management systems. Key topics include: performance assessment; employee motivation, discipline and performance improvement, and design and implementation of compensation and benefit systems to attract and retain talent, while facilitating achievement of the strategic objectives of the organization.

MGT 6640: Employee Relations and Labor Movement (3)

Comprehensive survey of union-management relationships, including labor markets and labor movement, labor history and law, union organization and government, and contract negotiation and administration. Includes exercises and cases in negotiations and grievance processes.

MGT 6760: Employment Law (3)

Examines laws related to employment, labor relations, civil rights, compensation, safety, health, and retirement. Provides experience in dispute resolution techniques in a nonunion employment setting, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

MGT 6300: Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (3)

This course involves an in-depth study of leadership, leadership development and organization design. Students will read extensively in the leadership literature. Further, they will study corporate strategies for identifying and developing leadership talent. Students will participate in a 360 degree leadership assessment, and will practice leadership coaching skills in working with classmates in leadership development plans. The final component of the course looks at theory, strategy and practice in organization structure and design.

MGT 6320: Leadership and Organizational Excellence in a Global Context (3.0)

This course provides students with a powerful, transformative learning experience within the framework of global leadership and operational excellence. While participating in an international experience, students critically analyze operational excellence in a variety of global companies at various stages of implementation.

MGT 6330: Applied Human Resources Research (3)

Provides applied research and selected human resource topics.

MGT 6650: Team and Interpersonal Effectiveness (3)

Experiential course designed to develop team effectiveness and specific managerial and leadership skills contributing to interpersonal competence and effectiveness in work groups and organizations.

MGT 6200: Negotiation for Executives (3)

This course is designed to improve students’ understanding and skills in all phases of negotiation and mediation including the development of strategy and the management of integrative and distributive aspects of the negotiation process. The course is based on a series of simulated negotiations and mediations that human resource managers are likely to encounter and covers a variety of contexts including dyadic, candidate-employer negotiations, dispute resolution and cross-cultural.

MGT 6680: Human Resources Analytics (3)

Introduction to human capital management practices. Specific objectives include developing a working understanding of the links between HRM and firm outcomes, gaining a working knowledge of HR database technologies and achieving an ability to develop and use fundamental HR costing techniques.

MGT 6890: 

MGT 6690: Human Resource Policy & Strategy (3)

Capstone course in human resource management, designed to integrate concepts learned in specialized courses to the management of a total human resource function, with integration from both tactical perspectives. Covers domestic and international issues, as well as organizational change and development.

Main-Campus Program Only

BUS 6250: Graduate Internship (3)

Graduate-level internship in a career-related position for graduate students wishing to develop or expand their occupational experience.