Degree Offerings/Clubs

Undergraduate Majors (BS/BA)

Students receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) by completing all required courses in the major. To receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA), students must also gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages.

Economics *

Economics Emphasis - The following emphases are available in Economics, but an emphasis is not required.  Emphases are only available on campus.

  • International Economics and Trade Emphasis
  • Managerial Emphasis
  • Pre-law Emphasis
  • Theory Emphasis


* Major available at USU regional campuses and online

China Program - Economics Degree

Requirements for a USU degree through the China Cooperative Academic Programs are equivalent to those at the Logan campus. Degree requirements are established by appropriate USU faculty committees. Each course is taught in English by a local facilitator who works closely with a USU lead professor. USU faculty members periodically travel to the Chinese Universities to teach classes in person.

More information about the China Program.

Undergraduate Minors

Huntsman School Minors

The following Huntsman School Minors can be completed by Huntsman School Majors or other University Majors.
Note: Majors can not complete a minor in the same area.

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Human Resource Management
International Business
Management Information Systems
Operations Management
Personal Financial Planning
Quantitative Finance
Real Estate

Utah State University Minors

A full list of Minors can be found on this page.