Student Opportunities

The research projects provide research and training opportunities for USU students. Student projects have included:

Stephanie Baldwin
      The Endangered Property Right 2006

James Nicholas Taylor
      An Evaluation of the Regulatory Mechanism of Wireless Local Portability 2005

T. Scott Findley
      Monopoly Bureau Supply; The DOE and the market for high level radioactive storage 2003

Neil N. Abercrombie
      A City Divided: Evaluating the municipal subdivision process through Institutional Analysis and      Development 2006

Robert M. Fawson
      What Matters for Collective Action? A case study of the American West 2007

Michael K. Green
      Congestion Pricing; A solution to air traffic congestion 2009

Angela Marie Redding
     What Does Green Money Buy? A case study of Yellowstone to Yukon 2007

Ryan M. Yonk
      Ending the Black Box; Understanding Planning Commissions 2008

Ashley Barr
     Putting a Face on Immigration; A Case Study of the Swift and Company Raids 2008

Rhett Busk and Neal Mason

      The Effects of Environmental Litigation on Local Economies: Wild Earth Guardians 2012


Amy McIff

      Negotiating Wilderness: Solving the Conflict Between Public Lands and Local Development 2012


Luci Griffiths and Daniel Shirl Groberg

       A Tax by Any Other Name 2012