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Posted by: Brent Meacham on Apr 25, 2011

What I learned from the project—Communication

I am so glad share the my experience of working and study for Shingo Prize.

What I learned from the project?

I will say “Communication”. That is very important and the first thing I learned from our project. We have a very outstanding team with 12 people who come from about 5 different countries. A big international team. We were able to move along very quickly and staying ahead with what needs to be done because everyone is really putting tremendous effort into the project. Everyone is expected and has been contributing two to three hours outside of the class and our regular two- to three-hour meetings semi-weekly and sometimes a third meeting, specifically with our stakeholder, Jake. We are making the work summary and change the suggestions, then making the project scheduling for the coming days. We are spending time sharing, listening and discussing new ideas to enhance our current business. I do not think it is possible to over communicate in these situations.

I discovered a good communication should with Frequent, honest, direct and clear.

Frequent communication about plans is important because of how often an agile plan is updated. Hones communication is important if the development team and customer team are to trust each other. Without trust it is hard to have honest communication so the loss of trust must be taken very seriously. It is important that communication about estimating and planning be two-way. We want to iterate and refine plans based on feedback and new knowledge. Because of this we need dialogue about plans, not one-way presentations.

The foundation of the experience is a rich and rigorous academic track that gives me a very strong background needed to launch a rewarding career.

The program provide me with opportunity to deepen my knowledge in a professional area. By fully engaging in academic growth and the development of my personal sense of my purpose, I can be prepared for opportunities that will enhance my individual goals and aspirations and provide service to others.


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