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Posted by: Brent Meacham on Apr 25, 2011

Thanks Team Work

I am pleased to share my thoughts of working for Shingo Prize.

Study abroad means get global vision, being able to look at the world and see differences as opportunities and realize that. I am so lucky that I can have a chance study in U.S. Different experience make me confidence. do not ask me why, just feeling.

That was a very different experience during the last semester. The Shingo Prize is directed by the Board of Governors who are leading representatives of businesses, professional organizations, and academic institutions. A dedicated management team oversees day-to-day operations. Individuals who have distinguished themselves in the area of operational excellence are able to serve as promotional ambassadors through The Shingo Prize Academy.

We have a international team. Being the Huntsman School of Business at USU gave me the chance to meet some very smart and interesting people. Johnson Mak comes from Asia, Vipin Pingle and Vaishnavi are come from India, Yvette tracy comes from south of American, Rong and me comes from China, Clayton Fielding and Steve are come from US. We each bring unique skills, experiences and perspectives to the team work. Success comes when you recognize those differences, appreciate them and then work with your counterparts to create something better than either one of you could come up with alone. In the project, I have to look for new opportunities and new ways of working. It was a revelation to me to learn how much I have in common with individuals with very different backgrounds and what we could offer each other.

The Shingo Scope team is an unparallel work ethic. This project could not have more skilled and motivated members. With crunch time upon us, everyone is working overtime to make this project the best that it can be. We have worked on this during sickness and over spring break. By utilizing and expanding our skills to their limits, this project has been very rewarding to both the students and CEBA. I am very prode of be a member of it.


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