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Posted by: Brent Meacham on May 7, 2011

CSS the continuing adventures…

Eric and I were transferred groups from Display to Huntsman, lot of catch up to do there and a ton of new code to start learning.

While working on the interface for Huntsman, I’m once again playing with CSS. I’m told no CSS3 this time which isn’t nearly as fun; I like the different design options that CSS3 allows. So it’s just back to the plain old CSS style sheets that we’ve all come to know and semi-hate. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still better than having nothing but plain backgrounds and boring text but when you get used to one it’s very hard going back.

There’s some good data over at W3schools here: That talk about basic starter level CSS which is always good to review (especially when you’re used to something a bit different).

The biggest difference on this project is that we’re using Telrik ( controls here where I’ve never used them before. They have their own layout, design, and CSS. So making everything cohesive is a major concern. Which on the plus side is exactly what CSS is intended to do. The biggest problem that I’ve run across so far is that finding where the Telrik CSS is isn’t that easy.

One of the ways around that problem was to build a generic style sheet and then load up a page that had the Telrik controls on it. Then to get the CSS information from it I had to inspect elements to find the styling (not the location, but the actual styling displayed on the page). Then take that information and put it in the generic style sheet I created earlier. After that I could apply the styling based on classes or other elements used on the screen.

The next problem that we ran into was the styling of the model popups. As they were, they kept coming up as orange on a page that was primarily light blues. This was a bigger problem as we had to track backwards through the code to even find where the model was being pulled from.


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