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Posted by: Brent Meacham on May 7, 2011

And then there were noneā€¦

The semester started with the class being divided into three major groups handling Shingo, Huntsman, and Display. Starting off with I was placed with the display team working on CSS and formatting for a marquee type display that users could select what they wanted. Later on in the semester the display team was broken up and placed with the Huntsman project in order to meet some very important deadlines and help alleviate some of the pressure they were under.

The only really consistent thing working with both projects had for me (aside from my CSS stuff) was that most of the semester was spent working in small groups bouncing ideas around off of each other. This small dynamic worked very well for our teams as we all had different points of view and differing opinions on what needed to happen. I felt that these brainstorming sessions while we worked lead to us making better choices. For example, while we were working questions came up about were certain things we were working on actually important? Would they every really be used? Why were we doing them if we couldn’t answer those questions? This saved us time and effort and in my opinion kept us from being side tracked and spending valuable time and resources on unnecessary information.

This small group dynamic kept us focused on our tasks, where as if we tried the same style with a large group we would have been bogged down in arguments and opinions. With a small tightly knit group ideas seemed to pop up and the discussion flowed from item to item getting us further along more quickly than if we didn’t have this synergy.


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