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Posted by: Brent Meacham on May 2, 2011

Huntsman HTML/CSS

With Huntsman CeBA project I have been assigned to do the HTML/CSS work: add styles to Folder inner section, do CSS styling for MBA Folder etc. For instance, my last assignment was to do the HTML/CSS styling for few Student Folder Controls such as Entrance Exam, Languages and Notes & Interactions.

This was by far the most productive assignment since I finally got to invest my knowledge into a real life project, got to see the drawbacks of just theoretical learning or one way HTML/CSS solutions. Jason, the program manager, and I went through several design options for the Notes & Interactions Control. Depending on the rest of the Controls and the type/quantity of the information, the decision of using tables over divs changed as well as changed the decision of styling come of the parts within HTML or taking everything out into Cascading Style Sheet. Eventually, the space dedicated for this control played role too and the overall page design, color selection put some limitations in its turn.

Below is the screen shot of “Notes & Interactions” Control from the Student Folder:


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