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Posted by: Brent Meacham on May 3, 2011

The World of WordPress

I have recently been spending a large amount of my time uncovering what was to me an unknown world called wordpress. The more time I spend learning about it, its’ plugins, wigdets, themes, and settings I get more excited about the possibility for me to create useful websites in a matter of hours or even minutes. For example, in about 10 minutes I could have a classifieds website up that is fully functioning and allows users to pay for featured ads through paypal, rate the seller, and much more. I recently put some time into a website called This was the purpose I began to explore wordpress so it took me a while to get it to how it looks today. Another site, is one that I made in about 20 minutes because of how much I learned my first time through. I talked to my stakeholder and told her I would have something up soon. She was astonished when I contacted her 20 minutes later and told me how much she liked it. The only thing she wanted to change was the white image of the background of the Monkey I-pod. There are thousands of plugins, which allow various functionality to installed and active on the site by a few clicks on the mouse. Sidebar widgets that bring additional functionality and and style and can be activated and deactivated by a dragging and dropping boxes in a certain area.

Of course wordpress has limitations and cannot be used for many projects, but for others, it is the perfect opportunity to make some awesome websites with a easy to use admin panel for clients of all skill levels to use. I would suggest to anyone to look at wordpress before starting any basic or intermediate website.


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