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Posted by: Brent Meacham on May 5, 2011

Project Management Tools

We all believe that there is some tool out there that will solve all of our problems. We’re always searching for that magic bullet. If we can’t find it, we think we can make it. The ironic thing I have discovered this semester is that amidst all of those great tools available (more each day), that in the end, they are only tools. We implemented a project management tool called Teambox this semester. Teambox “is online collaboration project software that combines the best practices in productivity with tools from social networking.” What more could you ask for, right? We needed “productivity”, and “social networking” is the rage. With Teambox we could create Task Lists, Upload Files, Create Pages for documentation, eliminate email by using Conversation. So we couldn’t go wrong with this great tool. So how did it go? Initially things went well. It took everyone a while to figure out the little nuances of the software. We did honestly eliminate email and within Teambox, we had a complete history of all of our conversations. Everything was documented. We created and assigned tasks. We even uploaded .pptx and .docx files that had documentation. Things could be going any better.

Then we decided we didn’t necessarily need to meet as often. We didn’t have status meetings because everything was on Teambox. We knew it was “on Teambox” so we didn’t talk to each other as much, and the technology began to kind of get in the way.

One of the things we learned was no matter how good the tools were, if the team didn’t work as a team we lost momentum and missed our objectives.

(More to come…. this post is not done yet)


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