About CEBA

Our Mission

The Center for E-Commerce and Business Analytics (CEBA) seeks to become a world-class, student run, laboratory for researching and utilizing current information systems tools, techniques, and technologies in order to build professional business applications for Utah State University, the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, and their stakeholders. CEBA intends to recruit the most promising students in key areas of management information systems and related fields to prepare them to immediately step into highly competitive careers as information systems managers with experience and skills above those of their peers.


  • Works with current project stakeholders to define project scope, constraints, milestones, and implementation strategies.
  • Regularly communicates with stakeholders in order to report on current project milestones as well as receive feedback on the project, advises Project Manager in charge on project changes.
  • Works directly with CEBA advisor to ensure projects are feasible and meet academic, industrial, and stakeholders’ standards.
  • Helps CEBA advisor to examine current MIS curriculum to explore ways to minimize weaknesses and find opportunities to add programs and courses that keep up with current technologies.
  • Recruits project managers, helps them to recruit their own team members, assign projects with reasonable milestone expectations based on stakeholder needs.
  • Trains and mentors project managers and team members in current technologies to accomplish CEBA mission. Actively seeks to add additional projects and stakeholder’s to the CEBA repertoire.
  • Actively researches and learns upcoming technologies and methodologies that might be useful to current and future stakeholders.
  • Implements strategies to teach and use these new technologies.
  • Markets CEBA as Utah State University’s premier center for developing enterprise business applications as well as preparing students to become leaders in all areas relating to business information systems.
  • Develops and implements plan for recruiting and training new Program Manager (selects replacement during final semester of Grad School)
  • Teaches the CEBA Project Management Implementations course (MIS 5950/6950 special topics)