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Career Development

Utah State students socializingAt the Huntsman School, we believe in empowering our students to own their education and their careers. The purpose statement of the Huntsman School reads in part that it is our purpose to be a "career accelerator for our students." Career development opportunities start from the first day at the Huntsman School and continue throughout one's professional life.


Specific career services provided through Career Development at the FJM Center include the following:

  • Career Development at the FJM Center: Resume review, LinkedIn profile and interview preparation are available through appointment with Isela Phelps or Maren Stromberg, the HSB Career Specialists.
  • Career Readiness Series: Key skills identified as essential to career development by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
  • USU Career Services: Resume review and interview preparation are available through appointment with Dannon Loveland, the USU Career Services liaison.
  • Career Exploration Trips: Faculty and staff lead student field trips to introduce students to professionals and organizations in specific fields of interest or in specific geographic locations, from the Wasatch Front to NYC.
  • Focused Fridays: Every Friday specific career development opportunities are available.
  • On-campus Recruitment
  • Student Involvement: The Huntsman School hosts more than 20 clubs and organizations.