Membership & Reporting

All levels pay chapter dues for those semesters in which they are active.


Any student with an interest in the accounting program may join the organization as affiliates. Affiliates attend chapter meetings and activities, participate in chapter service projects, and enjoy many of the benefits of Beta Alpha Psi before becoming actual members (for some events with limited spots, members and candidates receive priority). Early involvement helps affiliates become more knowledgeable about accounting careers, professionalism, and networking.


Candidates are individuals seeking membership in Beta Alpha Psi. Candidates must complete a candidacy semester before officially joining. The requirements for candidacy include (but are not limited to) completing ACCT 3110 (unless a graduate student), maintaining a 3.2 overall GPA and 3.4 Accounting GPA, attending all professional meetings, serving on at least one committee, and completing a certain number of service minutes. In addition to the chapter dues, candidates are required to pay one-time national dues.


Members are individuals who have completed a candidacy semester (discussed below) and have shown scholastic and professional dedication. Accounting professionals notice members for their achievements and typically look to them when seeking new hires. Membership is a lifelong resume item that continues to gain you recognition you throughout your professional career. To remain active, members must attend 300 minutes of professional meeting and provide 300 minutes of service each semester, with a combined total of all activities of at least 800 minutes each semester. Members who show outstanding involvement and service to the chapter are eligible for awards at the end of each semester.


As a candidate or member of Beta Alpha Psi, you are expected to keep track of the time you spend participating in professional and service events. (Affiliates are encouraged to report activity as well. We do not send affiliate reporting to the international office, but we track it for internal use, including award recognition.)

Accurate reporting is essential for our chapter to maintain its superior chapter status. Reporting is also used to recognize outstanding and superior members, candidates, and affiliates at the closing banquets each semester.

Members are encouraged to attend 300 minutes of Beta Alpha Psi professional meetings and provide 300 minutes of Beta Alpha Psi service each semester, with a combined total of all Beta Alpha Psi activities of at least 800 minutes each semester to remain active. Candidates should complete minutes as stipulated in the candidate requirements.

Time reports must be submitted for each event through quizzes in the Beta Alpha Psi Canvas course.

250 minutes of non-Beta Alpha Psi professional activities per year and 250 minutes of non-Beta Alpha Psi service activities per year may be reported for each student. These minutes cannot substitute for Beta Alpha Psi professional and service minutes but can contribute to member points.

Partners in Business sessions, Dean’s Convocations, UACPA luncheons, and Huntsman School of Business club meetings are examples of events which may be counted as non-Beta Alpha Psi professional minutes. Any other professional or service activities which you wish to count as non-Beta Alpha Psi hours must be approved by an officer.