About BAP

BAP officer team

Welcome to Beta Alpha Psi, the international honorary accounting organization. Beta Alpha Psi was originally formed in 1919 at the University of Illinois. Since then, the number of chapters has grown to over 270 spanning the globe. Beta Alpha Psi members are recognized as having achieved a higher standard of professionalism through academia and service. By joining this organization, you are committing to a level of excellence recognized by both public and private institutions. 

The mission of the Delta Omega chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is:

To prepare accounting students to participate successfully in the professional business environment by providing exposure to current accounting issues, technical applications, and professional and social activities.

In summary, our mission is to prepare our members to be professional. Isolating each of the three points of the mission statement, we will see how this preparation is accomplished.

Current Accounting Issues are presented at each professional meeting. Members of the professional community are invited from both public accounting firms and industry accounting offices to make presentations on current issues. By attending these meetings, you will be more informed about issues that face the future of accounting.

Technical Applications give members opportunities to apply knowledge learned in the classroom. These activities include the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program and service projects.

Professional and Social Activities such as Career Day, Meet the Firms & Industries Night, and the chapter banquets give you the chance to interact with professionals on a one-on-one basis. Attending these events will help you feel more comfortable around professionals. This interaction is priceless when it comes time to look for a job or interact with clients and other professionals.

As you can see, Beta Alpha Psi provides an atmosphere to help you participate in the professional accounting environment. As a member, you can help provide this atmosphere by working on committees, contacting professionals, and planning activities.