Learning Objectives

L1: Business Acumen

Goal: Students in the Huntsman School will develop a holistic understanding of business enterprise.


1. Students will demonstrate a foundational understanding of finance theories and methods; financial reporting, analysis, markets, and economic environment of business.

2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of foundational business disciplines leading to the integrated production and distribution of products, services and information.

3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of human resource management, and group and individual dynamics.

L2: Communications

Goal: Students will be proficient at oral and written communication.


1. Students will demonstrate effective oral and written communication through producing a professional quality business document, and a professional oral presentation.

L3: Analytical Rigor

Goal: Students will be competent in quantitative and qualitative analytics, critical thinking, and data-driven decision making.


1. Students will demonstrate problem solving competence appropriate to their field of study. This may include:

a. identify an issue or problem
b. develop a conceptual model or framework
c. collect and/or organize relevant data
d. analyze data
e. draw conclusions and act upon the findings

2. Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize contemporary information technology in business decision making.

L4: Global Vision

Goal: Students will think, understand and act from a global perspective.


1. Students will identify key factors (i.e. economic, political, and cultural), that influence global enterprise and incorporate those factors in decision making.

L5: Entrepreneurial Spirit

Goal: Students will be empowered to embrace opportunities, envision possibilities, mobilize resources and create value.


1. Student will demonstrate competence in entrepreneurial processes (i.e. opportunity recognition, value creation, etc.) through an applied experience.

L6: Ethical Leadership

Goal: Students will have a strong commitment to ethical leadership.


1. Students will demonstrate competence in ethical reasoning and judgment in addressing complexities in life and business.

2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of concepts pertaining to the legal and social environment of business.