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Jared Holland

Jared Holland

Title:  Co-Founder
Company:  iWorQ Systems Inc.
Location:  Logan, Utah


BS, Civil Engineering, Utah State University, 1998
MBA, Utah State University, 2000

Huntsman School Interactions

Executive Leadership Speaker - February 25, 2009


Jared Holland is co-founder of iWorQ Systems Inc., a company that provides web-based software to over 400 municipalities in the US and Canada. He, along with Utah State classmate Garyn Perrett, founded the company in 2000. His primary responsibility is developing and maintaining the software. He enjoys the challenges of being an entrepreneur and watching his idea grow into a successful venture.

Mr. Holland graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, as well as a MBA in 2000, both from Utah State University. He lives in Providence, Utah, and his wife of ten years and three kids.


Executive Leadership Speaker Series: February 25, 2009