Minor in Management

Advising Information

Advisor: Paige Geslin
Office: Business 309
Phone Number: 435.797.2272
Email: paige.geslin@usu.edu

Minor Requirements (12 Credits)

An overall GPA of 2.67, 40 completed credits and acceptance into a degree program is required for enrollment in any business course 3000 level or higher. A GPA of at least 2.5 must be obtained over the courses in the minor. A student from outside the Huntsman School who desires to purse any of these minors must recognize that there may be prerequisites to the required courses. Please note: if you are majoring in Business Administration, you may not receive a minor in Management.

Revised 2.21.13

Course Number Course Name Semesters Taught Credits
MGT 3110 Managing Organizations and People F, Sp, Su 3

Choose at least nine credits from the following:

MGT 2050 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business F, Sp, Su 3
MGT 3510 New Venture Fundamentals F, Sp, Su 2
MGT 3520 New Venture Management F, Sp, Su 2
MGT 3560 New Venture Planning F, Sp, Su 2
MGT 3250 Intro. to Human Resource Management F, Sp 3
MGT 3710 Team Management F, Sp 2
MGT 3800 Leadership 2
MGT 3810 Employment Law and Policy Development
(MGT 2050 prerequisite) 
F, Sp 3
MGT 3820 International Management F, Sp 2