Minor in International Business

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Minor Requirements

This minor is designed primarily for business majors. A student from outside the Huntsman School of Business who desires to pursue the minor must recognize that there are several pre-requisites to the required courses, which may themselves have pre-requisites. As an alternative, students from outside the Huntsman School of Business may want to consider the minor in Business.

Revised 5.5.14

Course Number Course Name Credits
FIN 4300

International Finance
Pre-requisite: Grade of B- or better in FIN 3400 - Corporate Finance

MGT 3820 International Management 2
MGT 4050 International Marketing (Fall)
Pre-requisite: Grade of B- or better in MGT 3500 - Fundamentals of Marketing
MGT 4790 Managing Global Value Chains
Pre-requisite: Grade of B- or better in MGT 3700 – Operations Management

Choose one course from the following:

ECN 3400 Global Economic Institutions 3
MGT 3830 International Law (Spring) 2


Chose one of the following options (A, B, C, or D) listed below.

A. Choose two classes (6 credits) from the following:

ECN 3300/MGT 3300 Contemporary Issues in International Trade (Huntsman Scholars) 3
ECN 5400 International Trade Theory Course offered Fall Semester only 3
ECN 5150 Comparaitive Economic Systems 3
HIST 3240 Modern Europe 3
HIST 3280 East Central Europe Since 1520 3
HIST 3410 The Modern Middle East 3
HIST 3460 Comparative Asian History 3
HIST 3481 China's Cultural Revolution 3
HIST 3483 Modern China 3
HIST 3510 Africa and the World 3
HIST 3550 Culture of East Asia 3
HIST 3630 History of Modern Latin America 3
HIST 3660 History of Mexico 3
HIST 4330 Modern Germany 3
HIST 4890 Cold War in Asia 3
POLS 3100 Global Issues 3
POLS 3210 Western European Government and Politics 3
POLS 3220 Russian and Eastern European Government and Politics 3
POLS 3230 Middle Eastern Government's Politics
POLS 3250 Chinese Government and Politics 3
POLS 4210 European Union Politics 3


B. Demonstrate competence in a second language. This can be demonstrated either by

  • A minor or major in a second language
  • Sixteen semester credits of a second language at an accredited school
  • Passing a language challenge competency exam and successful completion of the next higher class
  • Successful completion of the BYU Language Test (minimum of sixteen credits)
  • Sixteen credits from the Intensive English Language Institute or a TOEFL score of 500


C. Demonstrate international work experience or undertake an internship.

The work experience/internship is either to be completed overseas or to provide substantial and approved international experience. It is required to be of no less than 6 weeks in duration.


D. Spend a minimum of one semester studying at an approved overseas institute of higher education or participate in an approved overseas global experience.