Internship Etiquette

The following quick tips on etiquette will assist you in positioning yourself as a professional who is workplace savvy and has social grace. These qualities remain important in the often fast-paced work environment of today's organizations. Stand out from the crowd by creating a positive impression.

Send an acceptance letter when you receive the internship

  • Express your enthusiasm for the employer and the internship opportunity
  • Reconfirm the internship start/end dates and the expected hours
  • Convey your understanding of the internship duties or project parameters
  • Summarize the expected outcomes
  • underscore your appreciation

Follow the rules when you arrive

  • Be on time or early
  • Observe dress codes
  • Minimize personal calls
  • Turn off your cell
  • Be prompt
  • Be neat

Play your position throughout the internship

  • Do what is asked of you
  • Stay within the scope of your assignment
  • Deliver results when and as requested

Leave a positive impression as you depart the organization

  • Express appreciation to your supervisor and employer
  • Say goodbye to associates and colleagues
  • Send thank you letters and notes

Stay in touch after the conclusion of your internship

  • Create a key contacts file
  • Touch base within a few months
  • Communicate your progress toward graduation
  • Send a note following graduation
  • Let them know where you land
  • Use good judgment regarding contact frequency