Jon M. Huntsman School of Business FAQ

Applying to the Huntsman School

Question: When do I apply for admission into the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business?

Answer: Students may apply for admission to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business after they have completed 24 credits including ECON 1500, ENGL 2010, and STAT 2300 OR 2000 with a C grade or higher in each course. Applications must be received by December 1 for spring semester, April 1 for summer semester, and July 1 for fall semester. We ask all students who wish to major within the Huntsman School to apply. Admissions requirements

Question: Why should I apply for admission to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business?

Answer: Admission to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is an important step toward graduation. Students must be admitted into the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business before they can register for 3000 to 5000-level courses. Admission is also required to start the graduation application process. Apply for admissions.

Question: When will I hear about my application decision?

Answer: When the semester is finished and ALL grades have posted, you will be notified of your application decision via email. If accepted, you will be assigned an advisor within the department of your major. If you are not accepted the reasons for denial will be listed.

Question: Do I have to complete my general education requirements before I can be admitted into the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business?

Answer: No. General education requirements are a graduation requirement and do not have to be completed until you graduate.

Question: How do I change my major?

Answer: When a change of matriculation is desired, a student must go to the department office in which he/she is presently enrolled to initiate the proper paperwork. For a change of major, signatures of representatives from both departments are required on the form before it is sent to the Registrar's Office. This form can be found online.


Question: How do I schedule an appointment with my major advisor?

Answer: Schedule your appointment online by visiting here: 

Question: How do I find prerequisites for specific courses?

Answer: Please see online catalog under course descriptions for the prerequisites of specific classes. Online Catalog.

Question: Why can’t I register for a class?

Answer: When you are unable to register for a class, you should get an error code in banner that will explain why. The Registrar’s Office registration errors explanations .

Question: Why can’t I register for upper division business courses?

Answer: You need to have a declared major in the Huntsman School and 40 credits with a 2.67 GPA. If you have not yet applied to the Huntsman School, please visit the admissions application page.

Question: How do I get on the waitlist for a course?

Answer: Waitlist policies are managed at a university level, unless the instructor has requested to manage their own waitlist. For courses with a waitlist available, you may join the waitlist on Banner in the registration section. The Registrar’s Office gives more details on the waitlist. They have included a helpful tutorial on using the waitlist. If you are using the waitlist, please visit the website to ensure the smoothest registration possible.

Question: What is an add form, and how is this different than the waitlist?

Answer: After the waitlist is removed, students that want to add a class that is full can now complete the “Registration Options form.” This shows the add/drop courses. They must receive the instructor’s signature then bring the form to the advisor for authorization. This does not guarantee them a spot in the class, but the advisor will give them authorization to register if a spot opens up.

Question: Why can’t I get into a course even if my professor signed an add form?

Answer: Even if the professor signed an add form, you still may not be able to take the course. You will not be able to add the class if you do not meet the prerequisites. Also, some classroom designs restrict the number of students allowed in the classroom. If you have questions, please make an appointment to see your advisor.

Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Question: How many elective credits will I need after I complete my major requirements?

Answer: Visit the general catalog for more information on the major requirements and elective courses. Please see your major advisor if you have additional questions.

Question: How do I get a minor in the Huntsman School?

Answer: Before you can declare a minor, you must have a declared major with 40 credits and a 2.67 GPA. View minors offered in the Huntsman School. Minor requirements change occasionally, so speak to an advisor as you are planning your minor. Contact the Programs and Advising Center’s front desk at 435-797-2272, or visit us in Business 309 to make an appointment with an advisor.

Question: What kind of careers are available to graduates of the Huntsman School?

Answer: Huntsman School alumni are making a difference around the globe, in all kinds of career fields. We believe an education at the Huntsman School prepares you to think analytically, with a global vision and an entrepreneurial spirit. From the founders of iFrogz to the global CEO of Deloitte to the president of Nike Brand, and leaders in government, education, and the gamut of business fields, graduates of the Huntsman School prove every day that applying yourself fully to the opportunities afforded at the Huntsman School is great preparation for leadership positions in whatever fields engage your passions.

Question: What is Degree Works? Where do I find it?

Answer: This is a web-based electronic degree audit tool that enables students and their advisors to review past, present, and future academic coursework to evaluate which degree requirements are complete and which degree requirements are remaining. It organizes your transcript chronologically and categorically, easily identifying courses you need to succeed.

On your ACCESS account, go to the student tab, then student records, Degree Works will be the third from the bottom.

Undeclared Students

Question: What does it mean when my major is listed as Undeclared Business?

Answer: All students wishing to major in the Huntsman School of Business that have not yet met the admission requirements are listed as Undeclared Business until they apply and are admitted. Undeclared Business students will work with Stephanie Hamblin or Bryan Olsen in University Advising. To schedule an appointment, call 435-797-3373 or by visiting the TSC 304.

Question: Who do I see if I am an undeclared student?

Answer: Students who have not declared a major yet are advised by University Advising. Appointments can be made by visiting the TSC 304, or calling 435-797-3373. View additional information about declaring a major in the Huntsman School.

Online & Regional Campuses

Question: Which business courses are offered online?

Answer: All business acumen courses are offered online. The business acumen, also referred to as the core classes, are the classes that all business students must take, regardless of their specific focus of study.

Question: Which business courses are offered during the summer?

Answer: As a general rule, less upper division classes are offered during the summer, but most of the business core classes are offered. See the summer schedule for specific class offerings.

Question: Are any business degrees offered completely online?

Answer: Economics is the only business degree offered completely online. However, several degrees are offered through a combination of online classes and Regional Campuses. Visit the RC website to see the combinations of distance and online classes.

General Requirements & Graduation

Question: What are the math requirements for my major?

Answer: All business majors require STAT 2300 OR 2000 with a C grade or higher in order to be admitted to the Huntsman School of Business. MATH 1100 is also required for accounting, economics, and finance majors.

Question: Where can I take the math placement exam?

Answer: For information about the Math Placement Test, please see math department website.

Question: What is a DSC/DHA, what classes will fulfill those?


DSC – Depth Life/Physical Science

DHA – Depth Humanities/Creative Arts

Depth classes fill the university studies depth requirements, required by every student who graduates from Utah State. While many requirements are filled by classes you take as a Huntsman School student, you will also need classes in the Humanities/Arts and Life/Physical Science categories in order to graduate. See the requirements and the classes that fill them.

Question: What can I take to fulfill the Communication Intensive (CI) requirement?

Answer: If you are a business major, at least one of your CI required classes will be filled by MIS 3200. Some other business classes will also fill the CI requirement, to see which ones please visit the online catalog under University Depth Studies.

Question: How do my credits transfer over to USU?

Answer: Credits from other universities transfer on a course-by-course basis. To see courses that transfer view the University transfer guide. If you still have questions, contact the Registrar’s Office for more details.

Question: How many times may I repeat a business course?

Answer: One repeat per business course.

Question: How many total repeats can I have?

Answer: Ten total repeats.

Question: What is the difference between a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree?

Answer: The main difference between these two degrees is a foreign language requirement. Students who complete two years’ training or equivalent in an approved foreign language, or one year or equivalent in each of two foreign languages, may qualify for a Bachelor of Arts degree. Most other baccalaureate degrees are awarded as a Bachelor of Science degree. Additional information about the differences between BA/BS.

Question: Do my language credits all need to be the same language?

Answer: It depends on if you are getting a minor or if you just would like to qualify for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Question: When and where do I apply for graduation?

Answer: We recommend you apply two semesters before you graduate. Please follow the six steps on this webpage.

Question: When will I receive my diploma?

Answer: The diploma is processed through the Registrar’s Office and is typically mailed 6-8 weeks after the last day of class and will be mailed to the address you submitted on your application.

Question: What do I have to do to get an internship?

Answer: Internships are an important part of your career preparation. We encourage you to contact your academic advisor or visit the Huntsman School Internship Website.


Question: How and where can I apply for a scholarship in the Huntsman School?

Answer: Scholarships in the Huntsman School are very competitive and awarded based on academic merit. Scholarships are awarded during Spring semester for the following Academic Year. All Huntsman School scholarships are awarded on the basis of the scholarship application. For the specific deadlines and to see the scholarship application, please visit the scholarship web page.

Question: What kind of scholarships does the Huntsman School of Business offer?

Answer: During academic year 2015-16, the Huntsman School awarded $1,250,000 in scholarships. We are committed to recognizing our best students, and as such, we continue to work to increase the availability of student scholarships. Scholarships within the Huntsman School are awarded on both a merit and need basis. The Huntsman School of Business offers one application for all business scholarships. Huntsman Scholarship Application.


Question: How do I participate in a study abroad program?

Answer: Please contact the Study Abroad Office at 435-797-1124 or visit the Study Abroad website. You will also want to work closely with your academic advisor as these programs are specific to individual students.