Ethical Leadership

When you have “Jon M. Huntsman” as part of your name, ethical leadership better be one of your core values. Mr. Huntsman’s name has long been synonymous with integrity and honesty, and our intention has been to see that legacy honored in the lives of our students.

Ethical leadership is more than just a catch phrase here at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. Our students come to us with deep ethical instincts and we have a strong commitment to reinforce those instincts. This desire is so ingrained in our culture that Dr. Stephen R. Covey wanted to become a part of our school. Dr. Covey, a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, became the Jon M. Huntsman Professor of Leadership in February of 2010. We now have plans in the works to open the Stephen R. Covey Center for Leadership.

This year’s required reading at the Huntsman School of Business is a book written by Dr. Covey called Great Work, Great Career. The book, co-written by Jennifer Colosimo, teaches that people must have the desire and skill to contribute, as well as a character worthy of the trust and loyalty of others. Dr. Covey, who has written many best-selling books, including the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has made it his life’s work to teach such timeless principles.

In the classroom, Huntsman students are exposed to examples of real-world ethical dilemmas through the use of cutting-edge case analyses. Almost weekly, successful business leaders visit the Huntsman School of Business to talk with students in forums such as our Partners In Business program or our Dean’s Convocation series. These select leaders prove powerful examples lives lived with integrity and dedicated to service.

We expect our students will return the favor one day as they come back to share with the next generation the benefits of ethical leadership - not just on the bottom-line, but in their lives and the lives of the people they serve.

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