Huntsman School of Business Award Recipients 2004

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentors - Dr. Kenneth Bartkus

Dr. Kenneth Bartkus, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, is highly devoted to mentoring undergraduate research projects. He has gone out of the way to foster undergraduate research to promote research and to ensure that his students have interesting research projects and a solid research experience. By setting aside time to assist students in their research, he recognizes that outstanding research must be supported by professional presentations and stresses correct research methods including problem formulation, literature searches, relevant theory definition, and hypothesis testing. Since 2002, he has served a faculty mentor to three undergraduate students and is currently a faculty mentor for a Vice-President Undergraduate Research Fellow. Dr. Bartkus was the first faculty member in the College of Business to promote participation in the Research on the Hill event at the State Capitol that shares student projects with legislators. These include N. Daren Haws’ “ Clarifications on the Type A Behavior Pattern”; Andrea Webb’s “The Influence of Non-Academic Factors on Academic Performance: A Test of the Jones and Pittman Taxonomy of Impression Management”; and Camilla Marshall’s work on “The Emerging Role of Women in Professional Accounting.” Haws’ research helped him gain a prestigious fellowship for graduate studies at The Ohio State University. As Haws noted in his letter of support, “Dr. Bartkus helped me to feel important and involved. . . . He coached me as I learned about the research process. His encouragement helped me to feel confident and prepared to pursue my graduate degree.”