Huntsman School of Business Award Recipients 2011

Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year - Dr. Ken Bartkus

Kenneth Bartkus is director of undergraduate research in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. He is also the founder of The Research Group™. Its primary mission is to provide students the opportunity to develop core competencies in research methods. Aside from his own involvement, he has been instrumental in engaging other faculty in the Huntsman School of Business to participate in undergraduate research activities.

His collaborations with undergraduate scholars have resulted in numerous presentations and publications. His students are regular participants at Research Day on Capitol Hill, the Student Showcase, the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Collaborations with student scholars have also resulted in peer-reviewed conference proceedings [e.g., Western Decision Science Conference (2007), Marketing Management Association (2008) and journal articles (e.g., Journal of Social Behavior and Personality (2007), Journal of Travel Research (2009) and Journal of Education for Business (2009)] Two of his recent students have been recipients of the Undergraduate Researcher of the Year for the Huntsman School (Zachary Ames and Jeanette Blackham).

Dr. Bartkus’ commitment to undergraduate research extends beyond his involvement at Utah State University. His manuscript “Fostering Student/Faculty Collaborations through the ‘Research Group’ Model: An Application to Colleges and Schools of Business” was published in the December 2007 issue of CUR-Quarterly and was the recipient of the prestigious 2008 John Blackburn Exemplary Models Award from the American Association of University Administrators.

His recent publication, “The Research Group Framework: A Strategic Approach to Undergraduate Research Experiences in Colleges and Schools of Business” was published in Decision Line and makes a direct appeal for the development of a national consortium of business schools dedicated to the development of undergraduate research programs.

Dr. Bartkus has also been a leading advocate nationwide for undergraduate research in business. In April 2009, he will make a presentation at the Conference of the Western Decision Sciences Institute on undergraduate research. Similar presentations have been made on behalf of the Huntsman School at Texas A&M University and the National Conference of the Council on Undergraduate Research.

Finally, his commitment to innovations in undergraduate research programs is evidenced by his service as a councilor for the Council on Undergraduate Research and as a member of Utah State University’s Undergraduate Research Advisory Board.

Classified Employee of the Year - Mary Ann Clark

Mary Ann Clark has worked at Utah State University since January 1993, first with the Department of Plants, Soils, and Biometeorology before joining the School of Accountancy (SOA) in the fall of 1997. During the past 14 years, she has worked closely with three different department heads providing insight on strategy and policy for the school. Among her many responsibilities, Ms. Clark manages the budget process in the SOA, participates in the compliance work to maintain special accounting accreditation status and coordinates SOA development and pubic relation activities.

Ms. Clark earned a bachelor’s degree from USU in 1970. She then married and worked for four years as receptionist for the Wurlitzer Piano Company before becoming the full-time mother of four. During those child rearing years, she spent many hours volunteering in her children’s schools working with children who needed extra attention. Throughout her life, she has been very active in church and civic responsibilities.

Ms. Clark resides in Logan with her husband of 41 years. She loves spending time with her family and playing with her grandchildren. She enjoys traveling, biking and hiking; and her mental therapy is tending the beautiful flowers and veggies in her yard.

Faculty Advisor of the Year - Konrad S. Lee, JD

Konrad S. Lee is an associate professor of business law and ethics in the Management Department at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. Professor Lee hales from Canada where he received a B.A. in political science from the University of Calgary. He later acquired graduate degrees in law and business from Brigham Young University and then practiced law for several years in San Diego, California. In 1997, Mr. Lee and his family moved to Logan, and he began his relationship with Utah State University. He teaches and researches in the areas of employment law, business law and ethics and is an advisor to two student organizations: the Society for the Advancement of Ethical Leadership and the International Student’s Council.

Researcher of the Year - Dr. Chad Albrecht

Chad Albrecht graduated with his Ph.D. from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Business Week consistently rank ESADE as one of the top 20 business schools in the world. Dr. Albrecht’s research focuses on fraud and corruption from a global perspective. His research has been published in many journals including Business & Society, The Journal of Business Ethics, and The International Journal of Human Resource Management, among others. His research has also been quoted in the popular press by publications such as The Times of London, In-Flight Magazine and various other news agencies.

Prior to pursuing his doctorate, Dr. Albrecht worked as a license stockbroker for The Harris, a subsidiary of the Bank of Montreal. He has co-authored three books on fraud. One of these books, a textbook, is used in more than 100 business schools. Dr. Albrecht also serves as associate editor of Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal. Chad is married to Jenny Lant Albrecht and has three young daughters.

International Professor of the Year - Dr. Terry Glover

 Terry Glover is a professor in the Economics & Finance Department of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. Dr. Glover currently teaches courses in managerial economics, international economics and financial economics. He also teaches economics courses in the China program of the Department of Economics & Finance and the Huntsman School of Business. His research is in applied microeconomics, resource economics and international economics. He is engaged in research and consulting with international agencies and multinational firms in the areas of risk analysis, international resource policy, finance and industrial organization in nations such as Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Mexico, Poland, China, Taiwan and the United Kingdom in addition to research for various agencies in the U.S. Prior to coming to Utah State, Dr. Glover was at Ohio State University and obtained the Ph.D. degree from Purdue University.

Graduate Research Assistant of the Year - David HessPr

David Hess is currently working towards a dual degree in Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Human Resources. He received a B.S. degree in psychology from Utah State University in 2009. His professional and academic interests include many areas of business with a special interest in operational excellence and human resources. Over the past two years, he has been involved with two research projects studying the Glass Cliff Theory. Outside of his professional and academic pursuits, Mr. Hess is an avid big band swing dancer and enjoys regularly attending dances with his wife.


Professional Employee of the Year - James Elwood

Jim Elwood has been with the university for close to 30 years.  He received both his bachelor's and master's degree in business information technology from Utah State University. He has taught classes in this area, but he currently serves as the manager of information technology.  Jim has a "can-do" attitude and is a great asset to the Huntsman School. He is married to Tammy, and they have four children. Jim and Tammy reside in Smithfield, Utah. 



Teacher of the Year - Dr. Frank Caliendo

Frank Caliendo was selected at the Teacher of the Year for the Huntsman School of Business and was also chosen as the 2011 Eldon J. Gardner Professor of the Year for Utah State University because of his extraordinary achievements in providing rigorous and rewarding economics education. Dr. Caliendo teaches a wide range of challenging economics classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Even in his largest classes, Dr. Caliendo finds ways to consistently inspire and engage his students.

Many students comment that his classes have not only been the best they’ve ever had, but that he went well beyond his role as a classroom teacher and was an invaluable mentor. Dr. Caliendo takes a thoughtful approach to improving his already outstanding classes with the introduction of new material and methods in teaching. This includes revising an entire course on the fly so it could examine the unfolding financial crisis. In addition to his remarkable work as a teacher and mentor, Dr. Caliendo is a scholar of education, having published a widely cited paper that explains the relationship between class size and student ratings of instruction.


Valedictorian - Curtis Fairbourn

Curtis Fairbourn is our valedictorian; but when he first came here, he wasn’t sure he’d even graduate from Utah State University. He figured he might just move on to another university after a semester or two.

He said that when he came to USU he didn’t know what he wanted to major in and decided that while he made that decision, USU would be an economical place to figure things out. Thankfully, he found the direction and focus he sought at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

He said, “The motive behind staying was in the competitive advantage and value proposition I felt the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business was developing. My degree is worth more at the conclusion of my four years than it was at the beginning because of the hard work of the students and faculty in building up the school and its programs. I wanted to be a part of that growth and that progressive culture.”

It’s interesting the way he has articulated the idea that the progress of the Huntsman School is not just tied to successful programs, professors and curriculum. It’s when the students succeed and contribute, as he has done, that things really move forward.

He said he likes the classes most that stimulated deep learning and where everyone was engaged in open discussion.

Mr. Fairbourn has taken classes from Shannon Peterson, and worked with her as an undergraduate teaching fellow. She said of him, “Academically, Curtis is the type of student who is a joy to have in the classroom. He has an intrinsic love for learning and an analytical skill set that places him amongst the very best that Utah State has to offer. In classroom discussions, he asks critical and insightful questions that help underscore to his classmates the relevance and application of abstract concepts and ideas to the real world.”

Mr. Fairbourn was the vice president over academics for the Huntsman Scholar Program, which is no small job, and he managed to earn two A-Pins on his way to becoming the school’s valedictorian. Mr. Fairbournoffers three pieces of advice for students still on the path to graduation.

First, be willing to try new things. Seek for those experiences that will broaden your perspective.

Second, get to know your professors. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Make the effort to build relationships with those in your field. Most faculty members I’ve met have been great individuals with a lot to offer.

Third, find a good balance. It’s easy to get sucked into one extreme or the other. Many people find something that takes over their time, whether it’s studying, working, partying or video games. It’s my opinion that too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Try to balance out work and play so that you can set yourself up for success in all areas of life.  

Legacy of Utah State - Brent A. Meacham

Brent Meacham is junior majoring in marketing with and international business minor. Originally from North Ogden, Utah, Mr. Meacham is a 2006 graduate from Weber High School. After high school he was awarded the Utah State University Ambassador Leadership Scholarship and attended USU for a year before serving an LDS Mission to Calgary, Canada.

Currently, Mr. Meacham stays involved as a USU Ambassador where he will be heading up the President’s Ambassadors this fall, a division within the program. He is an active member of the Huntsman Scholar Program and the Utah State University Honors Program. This past school year he served as the president of the Huntsman Marketing Association, the Utah State University Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Since June 2010 he has also worked for the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business as the webmaster intern and currently serves as the interim webmaster while the current webmaster is on maternity leave.

Mr. Meacham is also part of the Utah State University Student Alumni Association and is an accomplished pianist, playing weekly at the Utah State University Skyroom Restaurant. Brent loves Utah State University and being an Aggie!

Undergraduate Teaching Fellow of the Year 2011 - Derek Kent

Derek Kent is a senior majoring in marketing and economics. He has spent much of the last year as undergraduate teaching fellow for Stacey Hills and Lynne Pettit in their Marketing Concepts and Marketing Research courses. Serving as a UTF has helped him realize the opportunities provided by a career in academia. Thanks to his participation in the Huntsman Scholar Program, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and Phi Beta Lambda, Mr. Kent has had the great opportunities to study and network while traveling internationally and in the states. He will be working as the USU Athletics Department compliance intern until he graduates in the spring of 2012. After graduation he plans to work his way into the sports marketing industry.The greatest thing Mr. Kent has gained from his time at USU is the relationships with his peers and school faculty, especially those with Dr. Stacey Hills, Prof. Lynne Pettit, Norma Richards and Dr. Shannon Peterson.

Undergraduate Researcher of the Year - Chris Ainge

Christopher Ainge began his research career during the fall of 2009 under Professor Chad Albrecht. Their first project focused on the relationship between accounting standards of various countries and their comparative level of economic strength. Mr. Ainge was able to assist in the final revisions and publication of this paper in addition to presenting it at the 2009 Mountain Plains Regional Management Conference, for which it won “Best Paper” in the accounting track.

Since then Mr. Ainge has teamed up with Professor Dan Holland to continue developing his research skills. They are currently working collaboratively on three separate projects, which include an entrepreneurial case study, a qualitative piece discussing various aspects of the business model concept, and a quantitative study that explores variables related to entrepreneurial persistence decisions. Mr. Ainge anticipates beginning doctoral studies in the fall of 2011, as a precursor to a career in academia.  

Scholar of the Year - Becky Drebin

Becky Drebin, a senior majoring in entrepreneurship and economics with a minor in marketing, has taken advantage of many great opportunities as a student in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. Through her participation in three international travel programs, Ms. Drebin discovered her love of learning through discovering and experiencing other cultures. She hopes to continue her international adventures to experience new people, places and ideas.

Ms. Drebin has maintained a 4.0 GPA and has been honored to receive two A-pins while in the school of business. Outside of the classroom, she plays on the USU racquetball and handball teams and has had the opportunity to represent USU at a national level.

During her senior year, Ms. Drebin participated in the Huntsman Scholar Program. This program, led by truly passionate professors, was an impacting addition to her undergraduate education. As an entrepreneurship student, Ms. Drebin has participated in USU’s New Venture Consulting Group and discovered her interest in consulting new entrepreneurs. Additionally, she has been privileged to work as an undergraduate teaching fellow and an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Dan Holland. This work, paired with Dr. Holland’s mentorship, has led Ms. Drebin to explore a career in academia after completing a PhD in entrepreneurship.