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Ethical Leadership

When you have “Jon M. Huntsman” as part of your name, ethical leadership better be one of your core values. Jon Huntsman’s name has long been synonymous with integrity and honesty, and our intention has been to see that legacy honored in the lives of our students.

Ethical leadership is more than just a catch phrase here at the Huntsman School of Business. Our students come to us with deeply held values, and we have a strong commitment to reinforce those values so that our students are prepared to lead lives of meaning in their professions and their communities. This desire is so ingrained in our culture that Dr. Stephen R. Covey wanted to join our school. Dr. Covey, a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, became the Jon M. Huntsman Professor of Leadership in February of 2010.

In the classroom Huntsman students are exposed to examples of ethical dilemmas through the use of cutting-edge case analysis. Outside of the classroom, our students gain meaningful leadership experiences through participation in 19 different student clubs and access to regular visits from business and civic leaders.



ethical leadership

ethical leadership

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